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Mission Sebenzela (Zulu for Serve) is a ministry that seeks to equip the next generation spiritual army to win the lost, ignite revival, serve the poor and rescue children. This is uniquely accomplished by partnering with existing ministries that address some of these mandates while simultaneously pursuing the vision as God directs in HIS timing. Mission Sebenzela works primarily in South Africa Swaziland and Lesotho.


In the United States:
Mission Sebenzela
c/o The Kinsleys
16 Camellia Cove
Madison MS 39110
+1 601.812.5880

In South Africa:
Mission Sebenzela
c/o The Kinsleys
P O Box 1284
Ifafi 0260
South Africa
+27 82 496 9050



In 2002, God began to deal with a couple from Mississippi about a dramatic shift in their lives. Steve and Teresa Kinsley were living a comfortable American lifestyle. However, both sensed that God wanted more for them. Teresa had been a teacher for over 20 years and Steve had served as an executive in several telecommunication and computer companies. In the world's eyes they were successful. God was about to ask them to trade in their success for an opportunity for significance.

Through several divine appointments and spiritual

leadership, God led them to relocate to South Africa. They did so in 2004 and began contacting and serving ministries in and around Gauteng Province. They worked with children, preached the Gospel, laid bricks, prayed for the dying in an AIDS hospice, searched out the lost, sick and hopeless in squatter camps, and supported the leadership of these various ministries. Their model is one of service with no agenda to impart American ideals and methods. They only wanted to serve the people as Jesus would.

As they worked alongside these ministries, they uncovered a need for the poor children of townships and squatter camps to have an organized Christian emphasis during their school breaks. This birthed the idea of holding the first Children's Day Camp in Mamelodi Township outside of Pretoria in partnership with the Berakah Educational Foundation in 2005. The result was overwhelming. Over the 5 days of camp, 300 children enrolled. The average attendance was 250 and most importantly, over 100 kids gave their hearts to Jesus.

The success of the camp spawned a partnership with Student Life Missions whereby they will recruit student teams to come to Africa to conduct additional camps and to participate in other ministries of Mission Sebenzela.

Matthew 9:36 records that as Jesus saw the multitudes that were lost and scattered, He was moved with compassion. This mandate of serving people with compassion is at the very core of Mission Sebenzela.

Acting in the love of Jesus, the ministry looks beyond the immediate and the personal and compassionately relates to the hurting, the need and the distressed. This compassion demands that we care for and serve others.

With all of the deep spiritual and physical needs, serving Africa can only be accomplished through the power and presence of the Holy Spirit working through believers of the ministry. The result is a genuine ministry of compassionate service "to the least of these".

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